Laundry Prices

Dana Lou’s brand new double plus (25lb) and 6 load ( 65lb.) industrial washers are designed to wash all your items, including blankets, quilts and bedding, that you cannot wash at home. These highly engineered machines spin at such a high centrifugal force they literally force the dirt, grime and soil out of the fabric and substantially cut your drying time. Our brand new 5 (50lb) and 8 (80lb) load driers will dry faster and more efficiently than any other commercial drier on the market. For smaller loads we have the traditional top load and front load Maytag washers and triple load (30lb) commercial driers.

Madison WI Eastside Laundromat SpecialTop Load Washer Special

Come in to our east side laundromat every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for our top load washer special, all our top load 10 lb. washers are $1.25 per wash.

Washing Machine Prices

Top Load Washers (10 lb. Max)
$1.50 Per Load
Neptune Washers (12 lb. Max)
$1.50 Per Load
NEW Dbl Load Commercial Washers (25 lb. Max)
$2.50 Per Load
Triple Load Commercial Washers (35 lb. Max)
$3.50 Per Load
NEW 6 Load Commercial Washers (65 lb Max)
$6.00 Per Load

Dryer Machine Prices

10 lb. Dryers (1 load)
$.25 per 15 Minutes
30 lb. Dryers (3 loads)
$.25 per 08 Minutes
NEW 50 lb. dryer (5 loads)
$1.50 per 30 Minutes
NEW 80 lb. Dryers (8 loads)
$2.50 Per 32 Minutes